Eagle River Lodging
Lake Forest Resort

Disclosure Materials

The disclosure materials contain documents that the seller is required by law to provide to each prospective condominium purchaser. 

These documents are also useful as a reference for owners who have questions about the resort
See the “Disclosure Materials Preface" for an Index containing a description of each section.  

See the “Section 1 - Executive Summary” for the answers to commonly asked questions.

Disclosure Materials Preface

Section 1 - Executive Summary

Section 2 - Declaration of Condominium

Section 3 - Restated By-Laws

Section 4 - Articles of Incorporation

Section 5 - Rules and Regulations Homeowner and Guest Policies

Section 5 - Rules and Regulations Board of Directors Policies

Section 6 - Agreements and Contracts

Section 7 - Annual Operating Budget

Section 8 - Floor Plan and Map


We have been to many timeshare resorts around the country and Lake Forest is truly a unique gem! We are now retired and proud owners of 11 weeks of timeshare at Lake Forest, and we consider Lake Forest to be our summer home.

Chris and Carol Tabat

We have owned our weeks of timeshare at Lake Forest Resort for 31 years and we both believe it was a wise investment.  No worries about trying to rent the week you want and being able to plan  your vacation far in advance.  We continue to recommend timeshare ownership.

Wayne and Arlene Masnica