Eagle River Lodging
Lake Forest Resort

Legacy Program

Being an owner at Lake Forest Resort means being a part of our vacation family. Our hope is that we can continue to
provide you with a lifetime of unforgettable vacation experiences but we know that lifestyles
and vacation needs change throughout the years.

The Legacy Program by Lake Forest Resort has been created to assist owners in understanding
available options for transitioning away from vacation ownership.It is our goal to provide safe and secure exit options.

We will work directly with you and help you understand the resale market and discuss your options,
including: putting your week up for rent, transitioning your ownership to a family member, friend or acquaintance,
marketing the resale yourself or possibly returning your ownership to the association.

We want to ensure that you are receiving all pertinent information relating to your timeshare
and to help you avoid the fraudulent timeshare resale scams and dangers of third-party “transfer,” “relief” or “exit” companies.

For additional information regarding The Legacy Program, please email us at vacation@lakeforestresort.com.
If you would prefer to contact us over the phone, call 715.479.2455 and ask for the resort manager.

We have been to many timeshare resorts around the country and Lake Forest is truly a unique gem! We are now retired and proud owners of 11 weeks of timeshare at Lake Forest, and we consider Lake Forest to be our summer home.

Chris and Carol Tabat

We have owned our weeks of timeshare at Lake Forest Resort for 31 years and we both believe it was a wise investment.  No worries about trying to rent the week you want and being able to plan  your vacation far in advance.  We continue to recommend timeshare ownership.

Wayne and Arlene Masnica