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LFRC Commemmorative Family Plaques

Purchase a commemorative plaque to share your favorite family memories at the resort!
The plaques are being mounted and displayed on the inside railing of the bridge to Nature Point. 

4”x 8” Family Plaque:  $100



A Message from TimeSharing Today : Scam Alert

The vast majority of industry experts and consumer-protection agencies agree: Telemarketing, direct-mail,
and email offers targeting timeshare owners usually turn out to be scams. Ignore such offers. Remember what your
mother told you: Don't talk to strangers.

Talk only to verifiable legitimate sources. Otherwise you risk having one timeshare scammer market your personal
information to other timeshare scammers, and to identify thieves.

Don't give out personal or credit-card information, send funds via money order or wire transfer, or fill out online forms,
unless you absolutely know with whom you are dealing. Legitimate companies have been victims of corporate identity theft.
Bogus websites and offers may look like the real thing, but with subtle differences in the contact information.

Don't pay upfront fees. Paying an advance fee to get out of your timeshare obligations may result in a transfer to a
buyer who has no intention of using the timeshare or paying the maintenance fees. You could end up losing the
money you paid, and still be obligated to pay the maintenance fees.

Always check with your resort first about its current policies; many have implemented their own stringent
transfer requirements. Also, an increasing number of resorts are accepting deedbacks from owners who no
longer can use or afford their timeshares.

If you can't resist the temptation to talk to strangers who contact you, just tell them your attorney will contact
them to handle all aspects of any transaction on your behalf. Then let your attorney protect you from yourself.
If you don't have an attorney, then don't have the conversation.


Owner to Owner Direct

Owners John & Kristen Wallner are interested in a permanent swap of their Week 29 for a Week 28
or Week 30. If interested, please email them directly.

Owner Tony Schwab is interested in swapping his Week 36, Condo 109 for any unit in Week's 28 through 34 for 2019
If interested, please email him directly.

Owner Laura Schmit is interested in swapping her week 33 in 2019 for a week 30, 29, 31 or 32.
If interested, please email her directly.


Can't make it for your week this year? 

Did you know that owners can 'SWAP' their week for another week at Lake Forest Resort.

It's all based on availability and Memorial Day through Labor Day is excluded.

If your vacation schedule needs to be altered this year, give us a call and we'll see if we can accommodate you.
(Some resorts charge owners $100 for this service, we do it for free!)


Lake Forest Resort Ambassador Program

Have you had wonderful vacations at the resort?
Have you created lasting memories?
Have you nurtured family traditions?
Do you want the resort to be around for your children and grandchildren?

If you've answered YES to any of these questions please join us in promotingLake Forest Resort
and the concept of Shared Ownership.
We need to work together as a team to bring in new owner families!  


What happens if you stop paying your maintenance fee's?
Read this informative article from TUG - Timeshare User's Group


We have been to many timeshare resorts around the country and Lake Forest is truly a unique gem! We are now retired and proud owners of 11 weeks of timeshare at Lake Forest, and we consider Lake Forest to be our summer home.

Chris and Carol Tabat

We have owned our weeks of timeshare at Lake Forest Resort for 31 years and we both believe it was a wise investment.  No worries about trying to rent the week you want and being able to plan  your vacation far in advance.  We continue to recommend timeshare ownership.

Wayne and Arlene Masnica