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Give yourself something to look forward to every year!

If you value the benefits of taking time away each year, and enjoy the conveniences of home with more living space and the amenities of a resort, then Shared Ownership may be right for you!

Lake Forest Resort provides all the creature comforts of home and we have a super-friendly staff who will know you personally and greet you as family. Our condos offer comfy king beds, wood burning fireplaces and beautiful woods and water views.  We're known for well stocked kitchens which feature full-size appliances.  With all the great food we have in and around Eagle River, that means plenty of room for leftovers or your catch of day, cooked to perfection on the grill just outside your living room.  You can’t do that in a hotel!

As an owner at Lake Forest Resort, your input is valued.  You'll have a say in how things are run and will receive discounts on rental rates for yourself, friends and family! (restrictions apply).  Our strong owner community creates a welcoming, neighborhood feel that fosters the creation of lifelong friendships.  This spirit of sharing will provide you with an enhanced sense of ownership!

If you can't make it to the Northwoods rest assured knowing you can exchange with RCIInterval International or DAELive and travel anywhere in the world where you'll find great accommodations and outstanding quality.

Your annual vacations at Lake Forest Resort will 'appreciate' in sentimental value, bringing your family together with a legacy of shared experiences.  Come visit us in Eagle River and see for yourself what shared ownership is all about!

Contact the resort manager at 715-479-2455, ext. 205 or vacation@lakeforestresort.com
Let's discuss how investing in a vacation lifestyle will best suit your needs!

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Resale Market





1 – 12


17 - 20

$199 - $1499


$499 - $1999


$1999 - $2499


$1499 - $3999





26 - 27

$5499 - $5999


Not available


$7999 - $8999




Not available






$2999 - $3999

35 -36

$1999 - $2499

37 - 39

$999 - $2499

40 - 50

$99 - $999


$199 - $1499


$499 - $2499


Did you know...

Pick a Season, you'll have lots of reasons to enjoy the beautiful Northwoods of WI at
Lake Forest Resort.

Contact the resort manager at 715-479-2455, ext. 205 or vacation@lakeforestresort.com to learn more about the lifestyle benefits that shared ownership has to offer!

One could not come close to purchasing a modest home on the chain nor covering the property taxes alone on what we spend, and we have absolutely no work!!  For us,  Lake Forest ownership is a no-brainer!! 

Chris and Carol Tabat

Our whole family comes up every year. It’s a tradition.

The Zeihen Family