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Timeshare News

            The latest news and helpful information on the wonderful world of vacationing and timeshare is here!

Lake Forest Resort is happy to announce the unveiling of this new page which holds all the information you’ll ever need about 
timesharing and so much more.

You’ll find such valuable tips as how to sell, buy and trade your weeks successfully,
the best rates offered by exchange companies, how to better plan your next vacation plus all you’ll ever need to know about timeshare.

In addition, you’ll learn how to avoid the many scams that threaten the timeshare industry, as well as how to hook up with other timeshare owners across the nation so you can swap helpful experiences and information.

We’re sure you’ll find this new page a valuable and informative tool to the wide, wide world of shared ownership.

Comparison Chart of Exchange Companies How Do I Sell My Timeshare?

Tax Aspects of Renting or Selling Your Timeshare


Time to sell your timeshare?
Here's how to avoid a scam.

Top ways to avoid Timeshare resale scams

The five stages of a timeshare resale scam

We have been to many timeshare resorts around the country and Lake Forest is truly a unique gem! We are now retired and proud owners of 11 weeks of timeshare at Lake Forest, and we consider Lake Forest to be our summer home.

Chris and Carol Tabat

We have owned our weeks of timeshare at Lake Forest Resort for 31 years and we both believe it was a wise investment.  No worries about trying to rent the week you want and being able to plan  your vacation far in advance.  We continue to recommend timeshare ownership.

Wayne and Arlene Masnica